We are on a mission

to ease the burden of the planet.

By walking, by starting caring.

From footwear to a better somewhere ...
less is more
到目前為止,inooknit已減少 5,796,400cm² 邊際廢料的產生!
跟傳統製鞋方式相比,每雙 inooknit 針織鞋平均減少產生 200cm² 的邊際廢料!
We are on a mission
Be pretty but not be part of the pollution. We believe that world can be changed by every right move we make.
Sustainable since Day 1
We choose our materials carefully. Our yarns are made from recycled plastic bottles 、fish scale waste and renewable wood.
meet our SNOWY collection
Proudly made from eco-resposible process. Snowy provieds the smoothiest cashmere-like touch.


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