A Vintage Soul:Molly

Bounced between dessert and health care, Molly has been following her heart to do what she wants, whether it being a dessert lover or a health care developer, her power of healing empowers and supports those who surround her in "Nature"

Q:Tell us about yourself.

My name is Molly, I’m a Gemini, and my mental age stays at 23, I’m goofy and not serious, sometimes sentimental, and most of the time I’m in my chill zone.

Q:Time flies, we know that you and your sister” Sadon" were it-girls during Bang magazine and wreth, transform from teenagers to mature ladies, tell us how you feel.

As I said my mental age is really young so I don’t think anything changed, but I will say now I know what I want and I know what status I’m in, and I pursue my own comfort.

Q:As a Millennials, what do you like about your style back in your 20s?

When I was 20 years old, I was a fan of Taiwanese and Japanese punk, such as Fire EX., Damnkidz, ELLEGARDEN, Ken Yokoyama, 10-feet, other than that Reggae, Ska, Dub and I like fruit magazine…

I love vintage clothes especially ’ the 60-the ’70s exaggerated country style, hippie print dresses, and South American embroidered items. I’m always drawn by designer items, and the way people are themselves, besides styling, I was into tattooing since 18, one after another, each tattoo means a time or just for fun! I don't think too much about it, it's very spontaneous.

Q:You co-founded Girl’s don’t cry dessert in 2012, and after a few years, you join your sister to create a women's care brand. As a woman, how do you feel confident in your business and life? Self-love?

I founded Girl’s don’t cry dessert in 2012, our mission is to cry less, and eat more dessert! from side hustle to full-time, our business seems smooth but our life isn’t, for some reason we can’t continue, but the crisis is also an opportunity to let me get out of my comfort zone, to put my heart into healthcare.

As a woman, my confidence is to look comfortable, not try too hard, and not deliberately show themselves, the kind of people who maintain their vibe everywhere is what I feel most confident about. And what about self-love? My own principle is "do not let yourself be aggrieved" and do not deal with things emotionally, as far as possible to maintain a graceful, gentle and firm state.

Q:Random question, you have been a long-time lover of primates since you were a child, even joining the “Association for Coexistence with Macaca cyclops” for their contribution, as a member of the earth, what do you think about “Coexistence”?

First, we need to understand humans are not superior, all things exist for their reason, so we need to be humble and respectful, in my opinion, I think we should not interfere with nature with the subjective consciousness of human beings, for example: “Oh that monkey is so cute we should feed them”, “Oh my god snake!”...

“Let nature be nature”

Oh and I don’t like to over-anthropomorphize animal behavior, to do some strange explanation and too much emotional projection!

Well, it's too egotistical, isn't it? Then I think just do your best, and not morally bind others, you don’t need to like animals but do not hurt them, of course, we should also respect the people who do not like animals.

Q: Last but not least, you are wearing inooknit’s Alice in wonderland collection, if we give you a time machine ticket, do you want to go back or arrive in the future? Which moment? To experience or rewrite?

I usually wear sneakers, this time wearing knitted flats, I feel unexpectedly very comfortable, and very trim, very much like the mullet edge, formal, but also very cute. If there is a time train, I hope to go back to the time when there were dinosaurs, to see if humans coexisted with dinosaurs at that time or not.

Photographer/ Toby Hsu @presstheshutter99

Texts/ Lin Chin @chih_____lin

Model/ @three108637

Location/ @as.me_me

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