Shopping steps


Availability and pricing for items in Bag are not guaranteed until checkout is complete. The products you choose may change over time due to stock limitations. 

If you choose to pay by credit card, please proceed to make the payment once the order is confirmed. Please do so before the page is redirected. 

Payment & Delivery

Domestic and overseas delivery methods

Payment Options

1 | Virtural ATM payment code

After submitting the order, you will be redirected to the ECPay page of Green World Technology. After obtaining a set of virtual ATM payment codes, you can enter the virtual payment code at a physical ATM machine or online bank. (Please make the payment within 72 hours, the order will be invalid after the time limit.)

2 | Credit card (VISA/Master/ JCB)

After placing the order, you will be redirected to the ECPay page of Green World Technology. The effective time is 15 minutes for each transaction. Enter the credit card number and verification code and other information needed to complete the transaction online. (Please make the payment immediately after submitting your order, order will be invalid once the page redirects)

When the payment fails, vouchers and coupons used will be cancelled and proceed to restore. Please contact inooknit customer service team if you have any questions.

Contact: Order inquiry, Facebook, LINE.


Date issued on receipt will be the same as the shipping date.

In response to environmental protection, an email will be sent to your personal email.

You will be notified by email if you win a receipt lottery.

After-sales service

Return & Refund

Return Policy

We offer a one-time free return service within a 7-Daytrial,affected immediately once you receive your order. 

To avoid any refund disputes, discounted orders can’t be unbundled and returned.

Please make sure that the product is new, clean, and tags uncut and the original packaging is restored. 

inooknit guarantees a full replacement service if you receive a defective item.


Should you have any questions please contact inooknit customer service team.



Exchange Policy

One free exchange within 7 days of receipt.

Please make sure that the product is new, clean with the original product packaging and the original price tag attached.

Items can be exchanged subject only to the sizes. Color and style exchanges are not available.

If you wish to change the color or style, please apply for inooknit return service. 


No exchange service available for oversea orders.

Should you have any questions please contact inooknit customer service team.


General questions for domestic orders

Q : Can I modify the size/ color/ quantity after placing an order?
A : Please review your order carefully, as unfortunately, it cannot be modified once submitted. Should you have any questions regarding your orders, please contact customer service immediately.

Q : How do inooknit vouchers work?
A :  You need to enter the amount you wish to deduct from the remaining voucher on your order. Once confirmed, orders are unable to be modified. If you forget to use your voucher and would like to do so, please contact customer service to cancel and re-order.

Q : Can I cancel, modify, add or combine my orders?
A:Please contact customer service to cancel your order. Note that orders cannot be cancelled once being processed.

Q : How do I choose my shoe size?
A:You can print out the foot measurement paper, measure the length and width of the foot based on different shoe categories; the corresponding size is the matching shoe size. 

Q : Can I apply both vouchers and discounts on one order?
A:Yes. Member discounts can be used with vouchers. As for other special offers please see website announcements. 

Q : Do you ship to Taiwan offshore islands?
A:Yes. We ship to some islands.
Please note that the following areas CAN’T be delivered:
Magong City (Hujing Island, Tongpan Island), Wang'an Township, Qimei Township, Baisha Township (Dacang Island, Yuanbei Island, Bird), Penghu County Island, Jibei Island), Lieyu (Bold Island, Erdan Island), Wuqiu Township, Kinmen County, Lanyu Township, Taitung County, Diaoyutai Island, Dongsha Islands, and Nansha Islands.

Oversea orders FAQs

Q : Does inooknit offer overseas shipments?
A : Yes. Please select the delivery country/region during checkout and the delivery method will be in default.

Q : Shipping rates & information.

A : Free standard shipping for orders placed for Hong Kong & Macau.

Q : Shipment methods and estimated delivery time.

A : Shipments via SF Express to Hong Kong and Macau will take within 5-7 business days to deliver; DHL packages shipped to other countries will be delivered within 2-4 business days; and EMS will take 15-20 days. Business days do not include holidays.

Q : Return and exchange services for oversea orders?
A : Yes, inooknit provides a friendly overseas order service. If you have any concerns about the product, please contact the customer service team within 14 days of receipt.

Q : Can I pick up my package from SF Express intelligent cabinets?
A : Yes. You can provide your shipping address or SF Express intelligent cabinet location.

Q :  Do overseas members also enjoy discounts and benefits?
A : Member discounts are based on the inooknit official offers at the time, and domestic members receive the same benefits and discounts.