Fairy Godmother:Stacy x inooknit

As times change, the traditional Dongmen Market transforms into a popular photography site.

Roaming around the street food stands, we eventually figured out a way to the elevator to the third floor. 

We could see the busy and lively scenes from row upon row of old business signs. 

While the reminisce remains, we see this bright and colorful antique store not far away as if it’s waving at us. 

Curiously, the door swooshed and pulled us back to the old times; a lady who created Xiangong Store greeted us with a smile- Stacy.

Q:Tell us about yourself.

My name is Stacy, and I’m a Virgo. My vibe is very casual, the things I like change all the time, and I also like doing random things. The grievances of life are solved by doing. It's one of the strongest pillars in my life.

Q:As for the shop Xiangong inspired by illusions, what does it want to convey to people?

There is a karaoke stand on Zhongshan Road in Miaoli called Xiangong, where the elderly sing and hang out. I saw a business sign written “Xiangong” and liked it a lot. Whoever visited the place always left happily. Opening a comfy and dreamy store has always been a dream of mine. I decided to open a store called Xiangong right away because I wanted people to browse cute items and feel understood. "Even if you’re messing around in the world and always afraid of being scolded, we understand.” This kind of acceptance and inclusiveness is what I hoped to convey through Xiandong.

Q:What is one of your proudest Xiangong creations?

It’s probably the letter hairclip! You can “literally” make art out of your life, and it’s fantastic.

Q:What do you care and like the most about your style?

I honestly think that as long as I feel good, that’s all that matters. It means that I shouldn’t be affected or affect others. We should enjoy how we dress and have unique styles, that’s salient. You have more than one side to your look, and we’re always allowed to have different aesthetics.

Q:You are like a fairy godmother who has enchanted everything at Xiangong. Today, you're wearing the purple rhombus pattern flats made with recycled yarn from plastic bottles + seaweed-based foam, and SNOWY wood yarn. How do you feel wearing it?

They’re comfortable on the feet! I've also been drawn to second-hand materials lately. It feels better than using new fabrics to make outfits. My mind is more at ease knowing I wasn’t creating excessive waste on the earth.

Q:Lastly, what are your thoughts on women's fashion nowadays, especially about the confident, edgy, and niche looks?

Ah~ I think we should care more about how we feel. As long as we feel comfortable and confident, it is good. 

I'm not the best at expressing my opinions, but I think everyone should acknowledge their own needs. When you're free, you can look at some photos of cute outfits to gain some insights, which may come in handy in the future. The most important thing is that whoever's wearing the outfit should feel joyful! It doesn't matter what I think or what others think~

Photographer/ Toby Hsu @presstheshutter99

Texts/ Lin Chin @chih_____lin

Location/ @xiangong666