I’m from Middle-Earth:Jin x inooknit

Thin figures combing her fluffy hair, can’t quite decide on which headpiece to wear, they’re all so beautiful. 

Whether it's a satin square or a slightly larger cotton fabric, twisting it in Jin's hand makes it very stylish. 

She dresses up the details in the mirror, with a touch of ancient European atmosphere,

“Where do you think you were from in your past life?” I asked. 

“The Middle-Earth…” says Jin.

Q:Tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Lin-Jin; and was given a mononym by my father. You can call me Jin. My Sun and Rising are Gemini, Moon at Pisces, and Venus at Caner; I am a pure summer baby, have a rollercoaster-type of emotions, and I have the INFP personality type.

Q: I like your Turkish cotton and linen blankets in the Turban video. You know how to create the perfect match for your looks and decorations. Can you share some of the brands that you like?

Thanks! The headpiece is an element that I started to use many years ago when I was fortunate enough to know the wife of Ambassador Swartini in Taiwan. I like prints and plain fabrics; Gult Gaia and Johanna Ortiz are the muses of fashion in recent years. If it’s for formal wear, I will choose Dior's old-fashioned pompousness or Fendi's neatness, and Australian director Baz Luhrmann's classic and weird wardrobe choices in his films, especially Leonardo's boy's floral shirt in Romeo and Juliet, one of the most seen Go-To OOTD.

Q:You call yourself the “Brand Captain.” Tell us about the birth of "THRIVE" and how you steer the ship.

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and my friend said that my ‘J’ represents Captain Jack Sparrow. After that, I thought that we are a bit similar. We have a specific goal in life that is difficult to explain; we have strange ideas and strange encounters, but the execution is a bit underwhelming. Eighty percent of them rely on relatives and friends to be their first mates and helmsman. When the epidemic began, my sister Yu also joined the brand and became the keel of the ship, becoming the craftsman, administrator, and the pillar of the logical operation of the brain, but I can also be self-reliant and come back triumphantly, even though it’s rare.

Q:The origin of creation, the sense of ritual in life. We can feel that you have a unique way of loving yourself. How do you explore love and passion?

I think I was born with it, probably through my mother who used to be a wedding dress seamstress, she then trained at a school. 

I majored in art and film in high school and college. Going on 30, I shifted my paths many times and was always exploring life. 

In the past two or three years, I couldn’t travel abroad but I didn’t give up reading and researching archaeology, anthropology, or even the alternate history or adapted history of RPG video games. These are some of the ways to recharge me.

Q:Just like day and night, you show a rational and determined side of you as well as emotionally tender and a little vulnerable. Write a letter to your past yourself.

Dear Jin (then),

Don’t stop shedding tears for things that tug at the heartstrings, and don’t restrain yourself from all the unfortunate events that happened to you.

You are brave, you have survived and you will survive. 

Keep at it, and spend some time with time and savings. 

Sincerely yours, 

Jin (now)

Q:You own multiple pairs of Inooknit shoes for a while, any opinions on flats, comfort, and design?

I own many heels in my cabinet, but because of my leg length discrepancy and hip joint issues, flat shoes are still the most convenient and comfortable for me. 

Now I usually have to tailor my left shoe for a thicker insole, or simply put on my favorite Mary Jane and The Desert. These pairs are so easy to put on and to walk in, I wouldn’t feel tired even after a 4-5 hour walk, not to mention the colors and designs. I got my June birthday gift card and immediately fell into a decision apocalypse, every design is just so adorable! Oh, and one important thing to mention is the brand’s recycled plastic bottle yarn used in their products, they’re breathable and comfortable. Even though I am not an activist for the environment, I’d still say that this is probably one of my favorite highlights of inooknit!

Photographer/ Toby Hsu @presstheshutter99

Texts/ Lin Chin @chih_____lin

Model/ @jinterlude.co

Location/ @thriveofficial.co