In love with confidence:Yvette x inooknit

I enjoy how I always spread a little bit of sunshine and energy, and my confidence naturally shapes my behaviors. 

I’m sexy and sentimental because I’m a Leo. 

I think it’s important for every woman to find a way to commend her style.

Being the observer in the crowd, I love discovering interesting styles, and I’m also drawn to the ones who express themselves with clothes.

Q:Tell us about yourself.

Hello! I’m Yvette. I study at Shih Chien University in Fashion Design and am currently a stylist. Other than making clothes at school, I also like collaborating with creators on unique projects. 

I’m a Leo, so creating astounding works is what inspires me, and I leave no stone unturned when facing challenges. Freelancing works well for me because I like a fast-paced work environment that requires me to run around.

Q:Your work is usually strong and contrary in color, and the matching of clothes is neat and chic. Any fashion brands that you particularly like?

I love this foreign brand, AVAVAV. Their clothes and shoes are so bright and bold in color, and their silhouettes are very edgy, too! I believe that anyone who puts on their clothes will become the most confident. 

Another brand that I like is Dolls Kill. Y2K style with super strong colors and platform shoes; they got me straight up screaming!

Q:Where do you usually get your inspirations or new fashion tips from?

My life is surrounded by silhouette, aesthetics, and class. A neat outfit uplifts my day, and an edgy outfit makes me extra confident. My job is to make every viewer feel the power of a picture and inspire them to figure out the idea we’re trying to convey through it. 

Every little detail discovered on the street can potentially be an element included in my future works. And I constantly save intriguing styles discovered online to keep myself updated.

Q:As a stylist, you have seen various body types. What advice would you give to modern young ladies regarding their bodies?

No outfits can beat the confidence exuded from oneself. Rather than masking yourself with clothes, you should recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Be assured of who you are, and be confident. Wear the clothes and don’t let the clothes wear you! 

Repeat after me:I AM AMAZING!

Q: In this outfit you have on, what would you like to do after our interview?

Maybe I will go to the beach right after!

I mean, beers are prepared, and I love a spontaneous trip.

Q: How to find the color and style that make you feel confident?

You would pay more attention to the style that attracts you and observe how other people put together the style. Nobody finds the perfect match when they first buy themselves clothes, and the perfect match changes with time and trend. Most importantly, you’ll eventually figure out how to put together an outfit that you like if you keep trying, and the result will elevate your confidence!

Photographer/ Toby Hsu @presstheshutter99

Texts/ Lin Chin @chih_____lin

Model/ @fungi__mycology_