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Adultness cute:noii noii x inooknit

The air in summer is like solidified jelly. I wish I could sprinkle some mint in the wind to feel the coolness.

The temperature brought out noii noii animal friends in my head.

It is soothing, they’re walking from afar with ice cubes that never melt.

Or a bit of a refreshing sour-sweet fruit vinegar…

On the interview day, we set out the picnic mat with all the cuteness under a tree we chose, sharing that joyful moment.

Let’s get to know Tete with your adult cuteness!

Q: Can you tell us about yourself? (Pronoun/Horoscope/Personality)

“tete” is pronounced [dei dei] (people confuse it with [tei tei] and that’s a bit bothering for me.) My sun is at Taurus, the uprising is at Cancer, and my moon is at Aquarius.

I have been called a girl who’s either 0 or 100, for things that I care about I would accomplish them with high efficiency, and vice versa for the things that I care less about. I would only care for my outfit when I was working, and other times I would just wear a loose t-shirt with my old pajama pants.

My job titles are noii noii creator, photographer, art director, marketing manager, administrator, package transporter, and simply a hard worker. 

Q:The first time I was drawn to noii noii was seeing your Instagram story. What was your creative process when making those 3 styles of animal pottery frames?

I am asked this question a lot, but I really don’t have an answer for it, they’re just in my brain! I think that drawing can be very reflective of one's mind, so I guess this outcome is probably a cumulation of what my life has been like. 

However, I do think that it’s very different to draw on a piece of paper than to make it into a 3D version of it, I often feel even happier and more satisfied when I make my art tangible.

Q:People feel the joy from your creations, what’s your secret?

I get that happiness from being a couch potato, sleeping, and traveling.

Q:Who are your favorite characters or cartoons growing up and why?

Tom and Jerry, Ojamajo Doremi, and Gal to Kyōryū.

Q:The color system of your art is visually saturated and comfortable. In real life, what would your picnic outfit and food menu be like?

Comfort is my number one priority! 

My outfit has to be loose and comfy, mosquito bites are horrible so I gotta prevent that, as well. Perhaps a floppy dress paired with long pants. 

Picnics in summer can make people feel too hot. I might lose my appetite, so maybe just some snacks and drinks in the summer; there will be curry hotdog sandwiches in autumn!

Q:I see more and more people are excited to purchase noii noii. As the creator of this brand, is there anything you’d like to convey through your art?

noii noii is a project that I see as self-actualization. To do things that I love and slowly notice that people are responding and expecting more of it. I’m blessed that I can bring joy to people’s lives and spread my adult cuteness to heal people!

Q:Where would you like to meet new friends after the pandemic restriction is over?

Spain and places in Europe! I reminisce about the time I spent in Kyushu a lot, too. 

It’s easy to make friends when you’re traveling alone. In Spain, I used to take random rides and visit strangers’ houses. Now that I think about it, these are all irreplaceable memories that money can’t buy. I miss my adventurous life.

Q:What characteristics attract you?

I’m into people who are funny and unpredictable.

Photographer/ Toby Hsu @presstheshutter99

Texts/ Lin Chin @chih_____lin